*List original dog below and complete submit new dog info on AKC entry form. Performance events. If no statement in premium list, the default is to allow transfers. The request for a move-up must be in writing and presented to the show secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each trial. Move-ups may be approved, provided the next level class (i.e. Novice to Open) and judge are available, and the class has not reached its limit.
First date that change/transfer applies to. If multi-day event, enter the last date below for Event End Date.
Last date that change/transfer applies to. If NOT multi-day event, input same date as Event Start Date
When eligibility of the class is defined by the individual handling the dog (Bred-By- Exhibitor and Amateur Owner Handler), a dog may be moved to an eligible Open class if an eligible exhibitor is not able to handle the dog. Violations of this allowance will subject the dog to having its awards cancelled for the event. The restriction does not apply to dogs moved to the Open class for eligibility reasons not related to the exhibitor (i.e. dog age, foreign dog, Champion, etc.). YOU MUST INDICATE REASON FOR CHANGE.
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