PCA Rock’N Good Time Costume Class


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It’s a Rocking Party ~ Meet us for a “Rock’n Good Time”
Annual Papillon Costume Class for ALL Ages! This class will be conducted in the traditional conformation class procedure with a few twists! All entrants compete in the ring at the same time and are not divided by sex. Each exhibitor will make the opening circle alone with a short bio read as you and your Papillon show off your Rock’n good costumes. The Papillons will be shown on the table to get a better look at the costumes. On the down and back you can earn a bonus of 5 points for up to 2 “tricks” or “commands” performed. The class will be judged 1/3 on Originality, 1/3 on Costume, 1/3 on Style and 5 bonus points on up to 2 “tricks” or “commands” performed. Great prizes for Top 10!
Date: May 30, 2024, Thursday ~ following 4–6 month puppy competition
Location: Roberts D Judge: Ms. Gia Garofalo
Entry Fee: $20. Enter by closing date, April 24, 2024, at www.DogZibit.com when you enter the specialties.
Or you can enter after closing before 5:00 pm Tuesday. Late Fee: $25.

Submit 20-second bio by May 15th to: Georgi121@aol.com

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