DPCS Specialty Classes


LOGIN/REGISTER FIRST. Below, SELECT DOG  (if you don’t, your entry will NOT go through) then SELECT desired REGULAR Class. For the same dog, you can choose to enter SWEEPS and/or ADDITIONAL Class at bottom. See note below for Stud Dog/Brood Bitch entries. Gender assigned based on dog profile.

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*Stud Dog and Brood Bitch Classes only offered at Friday PM Show. If you are entering your dog in ONLY the Stud Dog or Brood Bitch class and no other class in the Friday PM Show, then please select Stud Dog (as ONLY Entry) or Brood Bitch (as ONLY Entry) from CLASS drop down. If your dog will be entered in a Regular or Non-Regular class IN ADDITION to Stud Dog or Brood Bitch, please enter the Regular or Non-Regular CLASS from the drop down first then add ADDITIONAL CLASS at the bottom of the order.

See DPSC Specialty Show details here.